My name is Jacqueline Rivera. I'm a Graphic Designer with over 15 years experience conceptualizing and designing in Los Angeles. My projects include design for corporate brands, start ups, and non-profit organizations with concentration on cross-cultural markets. I enjoy working with a wide range of design styles and incorporating strategic / marketing thinking to my design. I am currently a freelance creative with clients across the US. 
I believe that good design is good business and creativity is the essential element in any strategy. 
I specialize in Print design, Branding, Cross-Cultural Marketing, Event Space Design, Event Producer
Other Endeavors
When I'm not designing, I love to craft! in 2018 I founded a crafting club for badass moms that love to make things with other like-minded madres (moms). Crafting helps me explore my creativity in another medium which in turn inspires my graphic design.  
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