The Bounty Extra Soft Home on Wheels Tour
Art direction and design of all creative, including, RV wrap, event tent and marketing collateral.
The Bounty Extra Soft Home on Wheels Tour was an experiential Hispanic marketing campaign to promote the paper towel Bounty Extra Soft that works and feels like a cloth. The retro themed campaign engaged consumers in Los Angeles, Houston and San Antonio through a character named Rosie and consisted of a mock kitchen tent, and RV.  Consumers were encouraged to enter a short essay contest for a chance to win the RV or a home cleaning.  Campaign received endorsement through local TV  and radio spots, including local personalities.  
Press release screen printed on sheets of Bounty Extra Soft.
Web page: Front end
Rosie character: San Antonio 
Rosie character: Los Angeles - Univision 34 TV spot
Brand Amabassadors
Event Tent
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